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Return Policy:

Eula Bridal gladly accepts returns within 7 days of receipt of your order from our website. Original tags must be attached to all items in order for the items to be eligible for return. You can request a return shipping label via your Eula Bridal account or by contacting support at Please note we will charge a $7.99 return shipping fee for each returned order. Read more about Eula Bridal's return policy. If you purchased your Eula Bridal item from a bridal salon, please contact that salon for return information.


We ship to all 50 United States and your shipping total will be calculated at checkout. If you live outside of the US and would like to purchase one of our pieces, please contact us at for a shipping quote.

What does "size inclusive" mean?

For many brides, they don't see themselves reflected in the bridal industry's narrow standards of thinness and beauty. Every bride deserves to look and feel amazing about herself from the day she gets engaged to the day she gets married. This includes supporting all brides in feeling great about themselves during the shopping experiences for their wedding day look. At Eula Bridal, we promise to include brides of all shapes and sizes in our marketing and product photography. Learn more by reading our Size Inclusivity Statement.

What does "ready-to-wear" mean?

Much of the bridal industry operates on a "made-to-order" model, which is just what it sounds like; you pay for your garment or accessory and then the designer produces it. Under this model, things are highly custom, take 3-9 months to receive, expensive and are typically final sale. 

At Eula Bridal, everything we make is ready-to-wear meaning pieces don't require alterations to wear. Additionally, because of our ready-to-wear model we can keep prices lower.

What about alterations?

Because all Eula Bridal pieces are size inclusive and ready-to-wear you don't have to go to the trouble or expense of alterations. That being said, some brides will have their Eula Bridal belt "tacked" while getting other alterations made to their wedding gown. Tacking a belt into a wedding gown is a low cost alteration which seamstresses will sometimes do for free if you're paying for other alterations or charge an additional $15-$50 (on average) to do. 

Tacking is the process of sewing your Eula Bridal belt into your gown with a few small stitches so that it becomes a part of the dress. Benefits of tacking include added stability and not having to tie the belt in a bow to secure it onto your dress. Tacking your belt or not, is a completely personal decision and both ways look beautiful. 

The ribbons on my belt are too long, what can I do?

We intentionally made the ribbons on each Eula Bridal belt long so they can tie around any size bride. That said, there may be cases where the ribbons are too long to achieve your dream wedding day look. 

To trim your ribbons simply try on your wedding gown and tie the belt exactly how you'd like to wear it on your wedding day. Then have a trusted friend take extra sharp scissors and trim each ribbon at the desired length. We recommend waiting until 2-3 weeks before your wedding to ensure perfect fit before trimming the ribbons on your belt.

How do I take care of my Eula Bridal belt?

Eula Bridal belts are all hand made and require delicate care. You may use light stem or a cool iron on the ribbons to remove any creases. Our belts become beloved heirlooms for many families across the United States so we recommend placing your belt in a dry, cool place to preserve it for your future daughter, grand daughter, niece or other loved on on their wedding day. 

Never wash your Eula Bridal belt in the washing machine.

Where is Eula Bridal designed?

Eula Bridal hails from Denver, Colorado.